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Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students in the Genome Center may participate in one of several
programs, for example:

  • Applied Mathematics Graduate Group
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Group
  • Cell and Developmental Biology Graduate Group
  • Chemistry Graduate Group
  • Computer Science Graduate Group
  • Genetics Graduate Group
  • Ecology Graduate Group
  • Microbiology Graduate Group
  • Plant Biology Graduate Group
  • Plant Pathology Graduate Group
  • Graduate Group in Biostatistics
  • Graduate Program in Statistics
  • Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology Graduate Group 
  • Biophysics Graduate Group  andslkfj

    Prospective students should apply to one of these groups. In each case, the
    graduate group admissions committee reviews files and determines
    suitability for admission before applications are circulated to faculty.

    Students particularly interested in studying in the Genome Center are also
    welcome to contact one of the Genome Center faculty directly or to e-mail
    us at  However, the primary application should be
    to one of the above graduate groups. Applications will not be forwarded.

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